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UNSC vs REBEL Alliance: The Fight (part 1)
    U.N.S.C. vs Rebel Alliance
A Halo vs Star Wars Fight

So how would this fight between these two armies begin? Why would it begin? Whose fault would it be? Should we create an opening text crawl? And who would fire the first shots? These are the type of questions we needed to ask when preparing a fight like this. Setting up the cause for this fight would help determine its outcome. 

We imagine the UNSC would be in the midst of conflict with the Covenant and this war spreading throughout our galaxy. This would eventually spill into a new galaxy, the Star Wars galaxy.
The Galaxy would be currently embroiled in its own conflict, the Galactic Civil War. For while none of the factions at war were aware of the other and UNSC/Covenant would keep its war isolated to the UNKNOWN REGIONS. These regions having been uncharted by any major faction thus far would seemingly conceal b
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Old Man Logan vs Ben Kenobi by DarkSpartan1000 Old Man Logan vs Ben Kenobi :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 0 Mr. Game and Watch vs Felix the Cat by DarkSpartan1000 Mr. Game and Watch vs Felix the Cat :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 3 0
UNSC vs REBEL Alliance: Ground Vehicles

"A military vehicle is a type of vehicle that includes all land combat and transportation vehicles, which are designed for or are significantly used by military forces. Many military vehicles have vehicle armour plate or off-road capabilities or both.A broad definition of the term may include naval vessels such as destroyers and military aircraft such as fighter jets & medevac helicopters. Under the Geneva Conventions, all non-combatant military vehicles such as field ambulances and mobile first aid stations must be properly and clearly marked as such. In theory under the conventions, such vehicles are then legally immune from deliberate attack by all combatants."-wikipedia
One of the most essential components for either of these armies is its utilization of vehicles. Whether for reconnaissance, assault, transport, or destruction, any vehicle can provide its army with a much needed advantage in battle. For this category, we
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UNSC vs Rebel Alliance:
Units, Troops, Soldiers

Jumping from weapons to infantry, the choice as to which faction receives an edge relies on such critical factors like combat tactics, battlefield experience, dominance, and training. How would terrain play a factor? Would it at all? Would one faction work in one environment better than the other? 

Lets start with the UNSC. These Marines and Special forces units bring in a ton of experience and training. A rugged and diverse assortment of well equipped and well trained men and women, one of the Marine Corps' most notable conflicts was fighting a losing war. 
If you want a real life equivalent to the UNSC, you really should look at our modern day armed forces. Soldiers that are trained for war, ready for battle, and can be deployed at a moment’s notice to any part of the world. 
Marines are an infantry force taske
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UNSC vs Rebel Alliance: Weapons
UNSC vs Rebel Alliance

All data, research, and claims made in the prelude and analysis were done so from a non-bias nor will any prior existing prejudice influence or impact the results of this match. I do not own the rights to either HALO or STAR WARS.
It all started with two legendary characters summoned from the depths of myths and epics…
Armed with their tools of war, these two warriors rewrote history…
Then, the heroes and villains from the pages of fiction were brought to life…
Their weapons, armor, and skills tested to see who would win a battle to the death…
All of which culminating in a war between two of the biggest franchises in media today.
Star Wars
Both of these franchises helped redefine modern culture toda
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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.22 PM by DarkSpartan1000 Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.22 PM :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 0 0 Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.35 PM by DarkSpartan1000 Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.35 PM :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 0 0 Rebel Alliance vs UNSC by DarkSpartan1000 Rebel Alliance vs UNSC :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 0 Soon by DarkSpartan1000 Soon :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 1
X-Men Vs Avengers (films)
Which does it better?

It seems like you can't go the average interval in between  breaths without hearing the the words “Superhero”, “Comic Book”, and "Live-Action-Movie” in the same sentence. What started with as a novel (Novel… lol) concept has easily become one of the most profitable cash grabs for studios across the map sense the advent of sliced bread. With three major comic books companies vying for world supremacy and legions of fan boys ready to commit seppuku at a moment’s notice, one would think this has gotten a bit out of hand.
At the heart of all this, we have Marvel the home to such memorable characters as Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man. Such marketable characters have taken their place in our current generation and for most of us, we
learned to enjoy them despite the occasional Age of Ultron and the entire Thor Franc
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FireFight: L.O.T vs G.O.T.G. by DarkSpartan1000 FireFight: L.O.T vs G.O.T.G. :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 2 0 X lives Matter by DarkSpartan1000 X lives Matter :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 0 Trinity by DarkSpartan1000 Trinity :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 4 0
Carnage Versus Cell: The Fight

Writer's Note: I haven't written anything in months so this story/fight may seem a bit off. I know it may not be my best work but please just cut me some slack.
How do you compare these two? Both of these characters are so different, each with his own unique layout of powers and abilities. You have Cell, a creature who is able to cause large scale destruction and is constructed with the genes of some of the most powerful fighters in fictional history. He’s almost like a wildfire. A simple flame allowed to turn into a raging inferno. Capable of destroying almost anyone and anything in its path.

But then you have Carnage who is able to insight chaos on the same scale and has fought some the strongest heroes in his universe. A psychopath who thrives on the madness in the world and lives to kill. 

Both these combatants are dynami
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Carnage Versus Cell: Prelude
Carnage vs Cell

This will be a break from the traditional Death Battle format, where everything is analyzed and fact checked to see who would win. In this instance, we are are going to look over the strengths and weaknesses for both combatants to see who would win a theoretical fight to the finish. However, this fight is by no means set in stone… I really want to stress this point as much as possible because the characters I am using are so different and neither of them have faced foe like the other in their respective continuity.
i.e. There isn’t a single character in Marvel Comics like Cell nor is there a character in the Dragon Ball franchise that is like Carnage.
Both Characters have a vast and wide variety of powers that I cannot say with 100% certainty how they can effect the other.
That’s why I can’t stress enough why this is a theoretical fight, because I cannot definitively say th
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    U.N.S.C. vs Rebel Alliance

A Halo vs Star Wars Fight

So how would this fight between these two armies begin? Why would it begin? Whose fault would it be? Should we create an opening text crawl? And who would fire the first shots? These are the type of questions we needed to ask when preparing a fight like this. Setting up the cause for this fight would help determine its outcome. 

We imagine the UNSC would be in the midst of conflict with the Covenant and this war spreading throughout our galaxy. This would eventually spill into a new galaxy, the Star Wars galaxy.

The Galaxy would be currently embroiled in its own conflict, the Galactic Civil War. For while none of the factions at war were aware of the other and UNSC/Covenant would keep its war isolated to the UNKNOWN REGIONS. These regions having been uncharted by any major faction thus far would seemingly conceal both wars from each other for quite some time.

Galaxy-Map-2009-The-Essential-Atlas-Star-Wars by DarkSpartan1000

The reason for the fight being brought to the Star Wars Universe is because the Rebels, like most guerrilla armies, usually fight on familiar terrain. Plus, we know the UNSC and Covenant have been known to colonize other planets, thus expanding their reach into uncharted worlds.

The UNSC could have arrived in this galaxy and discovered the vast differences in resources and environments enough to set up outposts on some on these worlds. The Covenant, on the other hand would have looked at these new worlds and saw fit to recruit some of its inhabitants to its cause, killing any humans they may come across.

Whether or not these two actually succeed in these endeavors is besides the point (at least for now).

Several months after entering this new galaxy, the UNSC would slowly make its way into the known reaches of space. Their presence would be the talk of rumors amongst the systems in the OUTER RIM.

Meanwhile, the GALACTIC CIVIL WAR would have already been raging on for quite some time. The Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire would have experienced both its shares of victories and losses by this point. The Rebel Alliance would have amassed its own fighting force from across the galaxy with a naval and ground fleet to boot. Unlike the UNSC, the Rebellion would befriend and ally themselves with whatever planet they may need. 

This was a stark contrast to the UNSC’s policy of seemingly establish an outpost and expand their reach in the surrounding area.

At some point in the expansion, the UNSC found itself caught in the crossfire of both the EMPIRE and the ALLIANCE. 

This started a ‘Mexican Standoff’ on a galactic level. Being a wild card in this galaxy, the Empire nor the Rebels knew how to continue for the time. This stand off lasted around several weeks and what would break this tension would set the stage for the largest war ever recorded.

It is here that we begin this fight, with an attack that launched thousands of warships and sent billions of soldiers to their death… 

The stories of one the greatest Intergalactic Wars… told by those who fought in it and inspired by stories and accounts of those who have actually served.

“It wasn’t us, nor the Rebels, nor the Empire that ended this standoff. It was the Covenant. Naturally it was the Covenant. They attacked this planet called Lothal. While they didn’t destroy the entire planet, they did ‘glass’ a portion of it. When the Covenant launched this surprise attack, it caught everyone off guard.”
-Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood

For many years, Lord Hood was the de facto leader of the UNSC, a flag officer of the UNSC Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commanding Officer of the UNSC Home Fleet.

“All of our efforts were then focused on aiding the survivors of the attack. We were strangers to this new galaxy and, unfortunately, we brought our problems along with us.”

FIC-102556941 enhancement03 kc en 9148962 by DarkSpartan1000

Feeling responsible for the Covenant’s attack on the planet, the UNSC stationed several warships to aid in the relief effort for its citizens. And not long after, the Covenant had began its vicious crusade against the Empire and its citizens. 

At this point there wasn’t a war between the UNSC and the Rebel Alliance, though both factions had spread across the galaxy in an attempt to establish some firm hold on a particular area. The UNSC would establish temporary outposts on certain planets while the Rebels would always remain on the move. Also the Empire has not intervened with this conflict as they seem caught up in their own conflict.

You see, the UNSC was locked in a war with a galactic threat known simply as the Covenant. And now the Covenant had turned its sights against the Galactic Empire.

“It actually made sense… from what I understood about this Galactic Empire was that they were the anti-covenant. Everything that the Covenant stood for, the Empire was out to kill.”

Not long after the Covenant’s onslaught and glassing of Lothal, did scattered reports of their fleet appearing on inhabited planets. Not every sighting was accompanied by reports of death and destruction as the Covenant were searching to add to their numbers. While some yielded to the radical ideals of this forces, other planets as well as species resisted.

Notable planets included: Kashyyyk, Corellia, Dantooine, Felusia, Geonosis, Trandoshia, Kalee, and Naboo.

In order to quell any chances the Covenant had at a potential uprising, the Galactic Empire, under direct orders from Emperor Palpatine, stated that any government that is believed to be associated with the Covenant were to be branded as traitors to the Empire.

At first, this antagonism against the Covenant started debate within the Rebellion if they should align themselves with the diverse alien fighting force. Some argued that the attack on Lothal was merely an attack on Imperial structures carried out by an army unfamiliar with the galaxy. Others stated that such actions were far too radical for their cause and would undermine everything they (the Rebellion) had achieved. 

“We had our reservations at first in asking this Covenant to aid in our fight against the Empire. We did not know that their fanatical ideals were to rival those of the Empire. Any attempt to side with them would have cost the Alliance more than it could afford. Their ideals would endanger everything the Rebellion would had aspired to become. And once we learned of their true intentions, we had no choice but refrain from any alliance with them.”
-Mon Mothma 

Databank Monmothma 01 169 B62808e8 by DarkSpartan1000

Throughout its history, the Covenant had always been eager to add any new species to their faith. The requirement being that the species need only pledge allegiance to its Prophets as their supreme leaders and to adopt the Great Journey as their religion. In essence, each one of these species were enslaved by the Covenant, forced to live a completely different way of life. 

Anyone who defied this, the Covenant would do everything in its power to have their entire culture and history erased. Leaving a vast array of planets and systems burned and turned to glass.

Maxresdefault by DarkSpartan1000

This religion, when paired with the fanatical hatred of the human species, made the Covenant one of the greatest threats to the Empire. While it was never public confirmed nor denied, many suspected (and down right believed) that the Galactic Empire was a xenophobic system. This made the Empire, and its citizens, the perfect enemy for the Covenant.

“At the time, we saw the Covenant was our problem and we more than willing to aid this Empire in any efforts of defeating them. So we actually flew representatives to a planet called Coruscant to personally offer the Emperor our aid in that war. So they met, not only with this Emperor, but with the entire Galactic Senate to publicly pledge any form of support that we could offer. In hindsight, this was a horrible move on our part, we had no idea that this Empire was at war at the time.”
-Lord Hood

By publicly offering their aid to the Empire in fighting the Covenant, a large part of the galaxy saw this as the UNSC’s attempt at establishing some form of alliance with the Empire. This created a divide in the galaxy’s outlook on the UNSC. While some saw this as a collaboration of two great armies for the greater good, others saw this as a union of two military forces with too much power.

In a few days time after the UNSC had proposed a joint effort in defeating the Covenant Fleet, Emperor Palpatine stepped before the Galactic Senate and an entire empire and declared:

Palpatine-adresses-senate-2 by DarkSpartan1000

“To my dearest of citizens of this civilized galaxy, today, we draw near a new frontier of discovery and uncertainty. Across the span of thousands years, our Republic… our Empire has become the crowning achievement of civilized beings. We have become the envy of those worlds and lives less civilized than our own. We stand together as the greatest union of order and peace in any universe. But there will come a time when those… less civilized will unite and conspire against our very way of life. These recent attacks on our homes have set a clear target on those who wish to be our enemy. We have bested the Separatist threat, we have stopped the Jedi insurrection… this Covenant shall be no different.”

After this statement, Palpatine refused any aid offered by the U.N.S.C., opting to end the Covenant with the full force of the Imperial Army. However, this information was never made public. So to average citizen, the UNSC was in an alliance with the Empire. Whether or not the Emperor did this intentionally is subject to debate to this very day. But for a time, this the UNSC time to finally gather supplies and request much needed reinforcements.

“You know, it was nice not to have the Covenant out to kill us for a time. It gave us time to resupply our inventories.  The quiet was nice while it lasted. Even a bit unnerving at times. You’d get moment were you wanted something to happen.”
-Benjamín M. Nùñez 

Apparently, the UNSC wasn’t the only one using this time to their advantage. Throughout the galaxy, the Rebel Alliance was also using this to gather new supplies as well.

“With something keeping the Empire at bay for a time, we were able to rebuild parts of our army. We added new soldiers to our cause. Recruiting was at an all time high for us and things weren’t that bad for a time. Which meant we knew it wouldn’t last. It’d never last.”
-Wedge Antilles 

Three weeks after the Empire declared war on the Covenant, the UNSC continued its relief effort on Lothal. The effort was grueling on everyone. Then on May 20th, everything changed once again in the galaxy.

Captial-City by DarkSpartan1000

“The locals called it Empire Day, the day the Galactic Empire was founded. At least thats what some civilians told my squad.  We didn’t know anything else aside from that. So we just shrugged our shoulders and went about our day until our shift was over. A long day patrolling unknown streets on some new planet. The last thing I remember was there was a parade startin’ up in about an hour or two and there was cute blue skinned girl that had been checking me out all day.”
-Oliver Bennett
“We (my squad) were on watching the skies with several engineers roaming around, they were doing their stuff while we did ours. Our job was to keep air traffic clear for the time being and to keep any locals away from our cruiser. And every so often a kid or two would try their luck but… we we just sent them home. So we did this until about 4:00 in the morning when we were relieved for the time. SO after a quick shower, I turned into my bunk. We were provided rooms from a local innkeeper. We were stationed on this planet called Lothal. About 8:00, I was awoken up by explosions and these blasts which sounded a lot like gun fire. And about a minute later, a siren began ringing out to everyone. I began throwing my gear on and began waking up anyone I could.
Around 8:30, the blaring of the radio again cried out and it was at that moment, we realized that this wasn't just some drill. Something was happening, this was something real and any preparations we were in the middle of was immediately shifted into overtime.
The radio announcer again and again repeated: ‘This is not a drill, please advise: all citizens to keep off the streets. All UNSC personnel do not use the public transportation systems. Repeat. This is not a drill, please advise: all citizens to keep off the streets. All UNSC personnel do not use the public transportation systems… ’ An instant later, the private communications systems rang and the voice at the other end told me to grab the rest of my squad and to make our way back to the ships as fast as we possibly could.
Outside, we could see that some of the local security forces were ordering civilians off the sidewalks and to clear the streets. Aliens and people were headed inside the nearest building. Even if it wasn’t their home, they were forced inside. And the roads were filled with all sorts of debris. I was crammed onto the back of one of the Transport ‘Hogs’ along with six other men and we were hauling ass for the docking bay. I can remember shouting for the driver to slow down because, you know, none of us would be of much service to the UNSC dead, let alone having a flipped Warthog stop us… but, uh… he didn't slow down at all.

As we approached the space port, we could see these huge columns of smoke just rising from somewhere in the distance. We felt that some of the energy supplies had been bombed. On arrival at the dock we learned that our ship, the UNSC Pearl Harbor, had taken severe damage from some explosion. I could see these huge gapping holes in her haul so she must have been hit by something hard.”

-Benjamín M. Nùñez 

The attack was a devastating surprise to the UNSC that left almost a hundred dead.  An unprovoked attack that could have been a lot worse.

Empire Day parade attack by DarkSpartan1000

“It wasn’t the nature of the raid that unnerved high command, it was the damage it had sustained and where it sustained it. If it were simple damage to the haul, then they wouldn’t be that scared because it had been landed. It could be fixed and whatever was missing could be replaced. This wasn’t what scared everyone. No… what frightened everyone was what could have happened had everything gone wrong. If these Rebels had damaged the ship’s core. You see, the Pearl Harbor light cruiser was this… massive ship… well over 1000 meters long, which meant it required a lot of power to fly.
So to provide this power, the Pearl Harbor was outfitted with a Fusion Reactor. The name of that alone should raise a flag or two because what we were doing was creating energy the same way a star would. The only way we had to control this ‘star’ was allowing it to release some of this pressure through several ventilation ducts. These ‘Rebels’ managed to destroy one of these vents from a stray shot. That’s where everyone on Lothal got lucky.
If these rebels were somehow either lucky enough or stupid enough in destroying these vents, then that pressure would have nowhere to go.  Once these were destroyed, the reactors would began to go critical, resulting in temperatures of over 100,000,000 degrees. This was hotter than any part of the Earth’s sun. The core, the surface, any part of the sun
And the resulting thermonuclear explosion would have been large enough to rip Lothal a new ass roughly… over three hundred kilometers wide. According to my understanding, this was what destroyed the first Halo ring.”
-Chief Engineer of the UNSC Pearl Harbor
 Jim Higgins

The attack and raid on Lothal was a surprise, not just towards the UNSC, but for the Rebel Alliance. It wasn’t the direct order of the Alliance to raid this UNSC outpost, instead, it was a Rebel splinter cell that had formed off world. 

“It was only days after the attack that this name had been spread throughout the ranks to who was responsible for this. What intel we had at the time was very limited but everything kept pointing us at one name. Someone named Saw Gerrera.”
-Benjamín M. Nùñez 

Behind closed doors, Saw Gerrera had been contact with a fighting force known as the Insurrection. With the two factions fighting against their own oppressive regime, it would have been more than natural for the extremist views of one to influence and, eventually ally itself with another. With Insurrectionist’s knowledge of the UNSC fleet, a planned series of attacks and raids were set in motion with the Pearl Harbor being on the first of many. Within a few days after the attack on Empire Day, this group would have publicly taken responsibility for the incident. The Rebel Alliance… 

“Saw’s tactics have always been extreme enough that him being branded a terrorist by both the Empire, and the Rebel Alliance seemed almost fitting. He was face that represented the dark half of the rebellion and it was used as propaganda to prove to the citizens of the Empire that all rebels are terrorists. If anyone would have launched this war against the UNSC, it would have been him. Anything that reminded him of the Empire or acted like it, he’d would set out to destroy. Because of this, we (the Rebel Alliance) were to blame. This UNSC was now coming after us because these extremist attacks.”
-Crix Madine

Crix madine 2 by DarkSpartan1000

“We knew we were not responsible for the attack on Lothal, nobody in the Rebellion would have dared to act so heinously. We knew that we being framed for this attack and in order to prevent any further loss of life, we needed to confront this UNSC publicly. However, to publicly deny these actions would risk exposing us and those who followed our cause. Ultimately, we were conflicted as to preserve our cause.”
-Mon Mothma

In the days following the attack, all UNSC personal were on high alert, as was the rest of the galaxy. 

Emperor Palpatine used this attack as another further damning accusation against the Rebel Alliance its terrorist ideals, however he didn’t offer the UNSC any form of assistance. This was either due to his current conflict with the Covenant forces, or maybe because he wanted to see how formidable the UNSC could be as an ally to his Empire. He would have need only to watch as the conflict unfolded and make sure everything fell into place. Whether or not he knew the truth behind the incident is irrelevant.

Relations between the Galactic Empire and the United Nations Space Command  had began to deteriorate and, in about a month, any talks between the UNSC and Empire had halted. However, this also provided the UNSC a greater degree of freedom… at least to some extent.

While the Empire wouldn’t aid the UNSC against the Rebellion, it wasn’t going to stop them in engaging the Rebellion should that moment arise. Its citizens could help if they desired to do so. 

“At first, the feeling was the morale was really good. Nobody complained in any way nor did we have any reason to do so. We were confident we could win against whatever the UNSC could throw at us. And every day we had these reports of successes from through out the galaxy. Nothing major, a successful raid, setting the UNSC back by a few weeks. We were stalling them until we knew how to stop them. We felt that with everyday, we advanced further towards this goal.”
-Unknown U.N.S.C soldier

The UNSC would spend weeks researching and tracking down every major lead they managed to uncover in their new pursuit of the Rebel Alliance. What once started off as largest standoff in intergalactic history soon became its largest game of cat and mouse however, in this game, it seemed like the mouse was alway two steps ahead of the cat. In an attempt to track the Rebellion down, the UNSC divided its fleet so as to explore the different systems throughout imperial space.

It wouldn’t be long until the UNSC would have a chance at retaliation for Lothal. That chance would come several days later when the UNSC light cruiser The Huston received an tip that a rebel garrison had been stationed on the planet of Dantooine. Unable to signal the rest of the fleet, the cruiser and its crew decided to take the initiative.

Maxresdefault by DarkSpartan1000

Within an hour of arriving to the planet, the UNSC had mobilized a ground force of almost 900 men to storm the rebel compound. After nearly three days of monitoring the surrounding area, setting up defenses, and intercepting any local communications, the UNSC ground forces began to move in.

“We tried to keep as low a profile as we could. On a planet like this, we really had to. It wasn’t like the loud booming cities we heard of. It was quiet. Very, very, very quiet. We had to move several hundred men, set up an outpost, do all sorts of stuff with out making a noise. Despite this, we did have a few local farmers watching us at a distance.”
-Pvt. H. Simmons

“I wasn’t one of those too close to the compound so I can’t tell what happened. I don’t think anyone really knows what happened.”

At this moment the Fleet had received the transmission from the Huston. Command almost immediately ordered all ground forces to stop and wait for further orders, but by then it was too late. The marines had breached the compound.

Dantooine by DarkSpartan1000

Blaster and gun fire erupted and during this one-hour skirmish, five UNSC marines were killed when an improvised explosive went off and more than a dozen injured. Almost two hundred trained soldiers of the United Nation Space Command descended on the compound.

“At this time we had a large crowd of on lookers just watching us. I remember watching parents holding their children. Mothers crying, people horrified at what was happening. My only thought right then and there was that I was hoping that we were doing the right thing.”

Nearly an hour after shots had been fired, the siege was over and the ground forces had been given the order to stand down. 

“It wasn’t until after they started carrying out bodies that we had received word that we were to stand down. I didn’t fire my gun a single time but, uh… we were moving the bodies out of the compound and I remember thinking ‘these are awfully small people,’ and about five minutes later I hear one guy shouting out that there were kids in that compound.”

The UNSC tried hiding the gruesome sight from any onlookers but before long, word got out. Like a virus, news from planet to planet, system to system. When this information would reach Emperor Palpatine, it is said that the halls of the Imperial palace echoed with his cackling laughter. 


“Children… They were all children, every single one of those ‘Rebels’ was a child. No older than maybe twenty. The youngest being around twelve, maybe thirteen. Children of multiple species and types and colors. All but four of them were dead.”

When the news spread off world, many saw this as the UNSC’s retaliation to the attack on Lothal. Fifty three dead children, four injured. The UNSC High command condemned the actions of the crew and ground forces of The Huston and was prepared to take responsibility for the massacre but by then, it was too late. 

“It didn’t take long for news of the Dantooine tragedy to reach us. We were actually among the first to learn of the aftermath and right then and there, I knew we were at war.”
Wedge Antilles 

So we’ve seen the chain of events that has now unfolded into a war between the UNSC and Rebel Alliance. The Rebels becoming an easy target to blame for, what could be perceived as, terrorist actions and the U.N.S.C. being seen as military power with too much authority over civilian life. Much like the Empire versus the Covenant, this war would have become the inevitable match-up. 

However, unlike the Covenant versus the Empire, these two armies have prior experience in fighting an army like there current opposition. The U.N.S.C. has waged a forty war with the Insurrectionist Forces (which were basically comprised groups of individuals who rebelled against the United Earth Government) while the Rebel Alliance was formed to combat the Galactic Empire (a well trained and disciplined fighting force with a means maintaining its army).

In their respective histories, both the U.N.S.C. and Alliance Rebel where faced with an overwhelming opposition and challenges. Both suffered countless losses, in battle and in casualties, but refused to surrender. Because of this unyielding resolve, they both managed to overcome all odds and defeat their foes in the end.

We know what these forces are capable of on the battlefield through the trials and triumphs of battle, but now they will be put to the test to help decide the fate of the galaxy.

In this war, its important to note that the U.N.S.C. would, more time than not, be on the offensive. Through its prior engagements with the Empire, the Rebel Alliance would not risk an all out assault on any particular target or planet. So the Rebellion would have utilized more Defensive tactics while incorporating small-and-run tactics. Any conflict in the initial stages of this war would have been nothing more than small skirmishes.

This would play to the Rebel’s advantage as they are renowned for type of tactics and would have proven more than difficult for the U.N.S.C. who, in response, would be forced to spread its forces throughout the galaxy. 

On the surface, it would seem like neither army is making any headway in this conflict but, in actuality, this was draining the U.N.S.C.’s resources.

“It wasn’t cheap to send weapons and ammunition to every part of the fleet. It took time and it took resources, neither of which we really could keep using like this.”
-Staff Sergeant Marcus Banks
“And sometimes these Rebels would hijack our ships delivering supplies. It was like some kinda game where every three times we make a move, two of those moves turn out to be roadblocks. This pissed a lot of us off.”

Despite setback after setback, the UNSC was making great progress in translating all the data recovered from the Rebel compound on Dantooine. Any data that wasn’t lost entirely would had been scrambled and would take a team of professionals years to translate. Again, time not being on the U.N.S.C.’s side in this fight. The Alliance thought it had done a thorough job of wiping all information from the compound, however the U.N.S.C. had something the Rebels couldn’t have prepared for. An A.I.

“What would have taken a room of eggheads months to decode, one A.I. did in less than a day. While the information was salvaged, a lot of it was lost or was to damaged to recover. But what we recovered where a list of planets. Systems that the Rebel Alliance may be stationed upon. Either that or these were planets of great importance to them.”
-Lord Hood

The planets included:

Yavin 4
Polis Massa

Putting the two armies side by side, its was clear that the Alliance's ground forces were woefully outmatched in numbers of troops, vehicles, and warships. So to compensate for these disadvantages, the Alliance utilized Guerrilla Style tactics  Striking the enemy at his weakest points, destroying enemy morale, and outsmarting enemy commanders.

These same strategies were applied to defensive operations as army units were often tasked to provide cover while important Rebel assets escaped. By doing this and other temporary holding actions; the Rebels extended defensive battles would slow down any U.N.S.C. progress.

Theed-MoaTM by DarkSpartan1000

This was evident at the first major battle between the U.N.S.C. and the Rebellion on the planet of Naboo. A battle that was to be either a make or break outcome in the U.N.S.C.’s campaign. In order to capture its capital city, Theed, the U.N.S.C. deployed several massive cruisers to the planet’s surface and before long, their forces had moved into their positions by midmorning. Shortly there after, they began there march across the Great Grass Plains, 40 kilometers from Theed.

“What the Invasion of Theed stood for was our chance to finally hit an actual target in this war. We had something that couldn’t flee from us. This was what we were waiting for.”

Before long, rebel scouts sent word to the Queen of Naboo and the any Rebel forces began mobilizing the cities defenses. The Rebel strategy was to hold off the U.N.S.C. as long as possible. until civilians and the Rebel Leaders could get off word. TO do this, the troops and ground fleet were scattered throughout the city as well as setting up defense outside the city’s walls.

“This was something we weren’t ready for, at least not this suddenly. I mean we had outposts set up around the city, but we only had a few hours to mobilize any defenses.”

Tactically, the Alliance Army would fight as a combined arms force. They would be utilizing whatever infantry, artillery, armor, scout units, ground transports, and air support. Reflecting the Alliance Army's way of fighting, most Rebel vehicles tended to be lighter and faster than their any of its opposition. With whatever aid they could muster from the Naboo security forces, the Rebel garrison began to fortify the entire city.

By sunrise, Naboo's capital of Theed was immediately locked down. It wasn’t certain who fired first but the morning was only greeted by the sounds of cannon and gun fire. Decorative testaments to architecture were blown away by the barrage of tanks at the U.N.S.C’s command.

Once the morning sun had risen above the horizon, did the Queen of Naboo and the Rebel Leaders stationed on Naboo realize this impossible fight before them. Not long after, these rebel leaders were evacuating as many of their personnel as possible. The Queen, however, elected to stay behind. To rally any troops and hold back the U.N.S.C. as long as possible. 

This was to be a courageous, but futile decision on her part, as the U.N.S.C. cleared a path through any Rebel opposition. Shortly before noon, five marines managed to locate and capture the queen. Despite her valiant determination, the Queen had lost, and the Naboo forces peacefully surrendered shortly after.

Databank Naboo 01 169 6cd7e1e0 by DarkSpartan1000

“I was one of those five men who captured the Queen. She was standing there in her throne room, looking out at the city. I approached her and told her that ‘we weren’t the bad guys here.’ She looked at me and, I have to admit, I fell in love with her right there. It was only then that I looked around and saw how truly beautiful this city was. I felt horrible for destroying  any part of this city.”
-Gunnery Sargent Kyle Reynolds

Wars have rarely ever decided in a single, shift, and otherwise decisive skirmish. When one comes equipped for combat and a desire to come out on top, one battle would never satisfy the very base desires to achieve an absolute victory. The point where two opposing forces meet on the field of battle, face the other down, and begin the systematic disposal of countless ways and practices of life. When confined to the limits of a single point of time and space, such conflict seems almost irrelevant. A single city, an island, continent, or even a planet, conflict would seem like nothing.

However, this was not the case. This wasn’t a single battle. This conflict wouldn’t be decided in a single skirmish. Under the worst of extremes, two forces have and meet on the field of battle and will continue to do so until absolute victory had been achieved. This wouldn’t be confined to the boundaries of a single city or planet.

Like a fire, this war would grow. And these two forces would clash on multiple fronts across an entire galaxy. With one army bringing sheer Military might to the conflict. The other relying on the unorthodox to achieve victory. Between these two factions, their origins are forged in conflict and turmoil. And now, the first battle had been fought. The first of many… Naboo would mark the first major battle between the U.N.S.C and the Rebel Alliance.

Wars have rarely ever decided in a single, shift, and otherwise decisive skirmish. When one comes equipped for combat and a desire to come out on top, one battle would never satisfy the very base desires to achieve an absolute victory. The point where two opposing forces meet on the field of battle, face the other down, and begin the systematic disposal of countless ways and practices of life. When confined to the limits of a single point of time and space, such conflict seems almost irrelevant. A single city, an island, continent, or even a planet, conflict would seem like nothing.

However, this was not the case. This wasn’t a single battle. This conflict wouldn’t be decided in a single skirmish. Under the worst of extremes, two forces have and meet on the field of battle and will continue to do so until absolute victory had been achieved. This wouldn’t be confined to the boundaries of a single city or planet.

Like a fire, this war would grow. And these two forces would clash on multiple fronts across an entire galaxy. With one army bringing sheer Military might to the conflict. The other relying on the unorthodox to achieve victory. Between these two factions, their origins are forged in conflict and turmoil. And now, the first battle had been fought. The first of many… Naboo would mark the first major battle between the U.N.S.C and the Rebel Alliance.

The spanning horizons of battle can tell countless stories of the same war. The accounts of pilots, infantry, engineers, and medics, all caught in the line of fire. All their stories will help paint a picture of a galaxy at war. Tales of survival, desperation, loss, greed, glory, carnage, and war…

Two months following the Invasion of Naboo, the U.N.S.C. and Rebel Forces would clash on another major battlefield. However, to use the term: ‘battlefield,’ one would only be using it in a figurative sense. This was because the next major fight took place on the massive planetary gas giant known as Bespin. Located in the vicinity of the Anoat system, Bespin was a barren and isolated part of the galaxy. Its layers atmosphere were a rich source of the rare Tibanna gas. With only a select few landing zones, this battle couldn’t be decided on the streets of its hovering cities, but amongst the clouds and skies themselves. The Battle over Bespin was to be one of the deadliest arial conflicts in the U.N.S.C. and Rebel Alliance war…

Cloud City by DarkSpartan1000

A skirmish that would cost the lives of almost a hundred and fifty men and women…

Once the U.N.S.C. arrived to the floating oasis of Cloud City, the five carriers began launching its massive arial fleet in hopes of locking down the city. Tasked with eliminating any Rebel threat, command saw fit to deploy nearly fifty Hornets, thirteen Falcons, ten Hawks, and five Vultures. 

It wasn't long after which, that the Rebel Alliance would its presence known.

“What caught us by surprise wasn’t the firepower they hit us with. It was the speed. They hit us hard and they his us fast. One moment, sensors showed nothing… the next, we were being surrounded on all sides by ‘blaster fire’. It was like waking up to a storm of neon and plasma.”
-Sargent Steve Tankman. U.N.S.C. ‘Hornet Pilot’

When the Rebel forces clashed with the U.N.S.C. above Bespin, the Alliance did so with an astounding display of speed. The likes of which the U.N.S.C. wasn’t immediately prepared for. With a barrage of attacks from both the T-47 airspeeders and several V-Wing airspeeders, the Rebels had the advantage of speed on their side. Adding the initiative factor made this a devastating ambush on the U.N.S.C. aircraft. As a result, the first few minutes of combat saw the massive marine casualties.

Cropped-big 56dec42e424221c378f3fc7189a0e85211d51f by DarkSpartan1000

Whatever form of early confidence that the U.N.S.C. had in its offense were quickly shattered as suddenly, they were forced into taking a defensive strategy. Had they been ready for such an ambush, they could have repelled this Rebel offensive. However, the Rebels were too fast to hit (at least, at first), easily passing through the offenses of the U.N.S.C. enemy fighter attacks was quickly shattered. Losses were high.

Within five minutes, four Hornets, ten Falcons, two Hawks, and two Vultures were destroyed.

“I wasn’t there. I was all the way across the galaxy fighting my own battles. What I knew of the mission was that losing the Tibanna gas mines was a main priority and that the U.N.S.C. could at Bespin."

-Wedge Antilles
“A lot of guys were nervous about any conflict on Bespin. Understandably so… It wasn’t what the U.N.S.C. could bring to fight us. No, it wasn’t that. What I believed scared a lot of the new pilots was Bespin itself. If you were shot out of the sky and your ship didn’t explode, you’d just keep falling. Its called Cloud City for a reason. No telling how long someone could plummet to their death.”

Databank Wedgeantilles 01 169 B8185dce by DarkSpartan1000

“When the Rebels hit my Hornet, I remember a lot of shaking. Trying to maintain altitude after being hit by so much at once was an insane task. But that was my first instinct. Alarms were going off in the cockpit, lots of noise. Even after I regained control of the craft there was the sound of someone screaming. 
This was an odd thing, nothing in the Hornet could make a sound like that. Then I realized that the sounds of screaming where coming from my comm system. One of my wingmen had been hit. Hit and tossed off the side of my Hornet. The screaming was the man falling to his death. Very few things haunt a man. I sound like a crazed war veteran, but that screaming still keeps me up at night. I could turn the comms off so I had to listen to a man fall to his impending death at terminal velocity.”
-Sargent Steve Tankman. U.N.S.C. ‘Hornet Pilot’

On Bespin, its important to note that, while most of the layers of gas were poisonous, there was a 30 kilometer thick habitable layer known as the Bespin Life Zone. Falling to one’s death most like ended once the victim or individual left this zone. Under the toxic gases and increased pressure of the atmospheric layers below, death for any human was eminent.

Star-wars-battlefront-bespin-dlc-cloud-city by DarkSpartan1000

Hovering there, what remained of the UNSC arial squad were faced with to choices: Either stand the ground and face the Rebel’s second wave of fighters, or they could pull back to their cruisers. Unwilling to lose anymore men on this mission, Command issued the remaining fighters to retreat to the safety of their ships.

In order to buy the remaining ships time to escape, the three remaining Vultures served as protection for the lesser armored aircraft.

With the mission failed, the guns and cannons of the the AC-220 Vulture gunships readjusted their targeting systems and locked onto the returning wave of Rebel fighters. Suspended in the air by a series of ducted fans visible near the rear of the aircraft, these three ships fired at the advancing enemy the second they were in range. 

The advancing Rebel ships may have been able to easily pick off the lighter armored craft of the UNSC, but the Vultures wouldn’t be taken down too easily.

“I heard after the fact that some of our pilots willingly engaged the U.N.S.C. again. They were ordered not to. I guess that’s the problem with accepting any Bantha or Nerf herder in to a military force. They can be taught to fight, but sometimes we never get around to teaching them to stand down. The first wave was just lucky to have caught them off guard. But they shouldn’t have reengaged. I wouldn’t have.”
-Wedge Antillies

The trio of gunships would unleash a barrage of missiles, bullets, and rockets, ordinances of any type were aimed for the returning Rebel fleet. With their targets locked and their guns loaded, the Vultures allowed the Rebel ships to get within striking distance. 

Within the mere seconds of contact, the blaze of guns and missiles erupted from the three ships, targeting any rebel craft they could. A last stand versus a suicide charge. When the noise and explosions were over, only a few rebel ships remained operational.

The incident over Bespin became the first large scale aviation skirmish in the intergalactic war between U.N.S.C and Rebel forces. What was to become the first of many encounters with some being more grizzly and devastating than this. If anything, the initial months and laters years proved that the Rebels knew how to hit a target when they would least expect it. Something the U.N.S.C. would have quite some time to adjust to... 


-Hello and welcome to the special presentation of the U.N.S.C. vs Rebel Alliance War, I am the Narrator and with me we have Bruce, the writer and researcher for this whole-entire-project. We’ve just seen the beginning skirmishes and attacks in the all out war between two factions, starting with a U.N.S.C. victory on Naboo and the the defense of Bespin by the Rebel Alliance. Bruce, this is a large fight you’ve undertaken between two very massive franchises, where did you even begin?

Rebels engage UNSC forces above the planet of Tatooine. After a brief skirmish, the Rebel forces disable two UNSC cruisers. Later firefights broke out in in the streets of Mos Eisley Spaceport. Eye witnesses report casualties on both sides.

- The first thing I needed for a fight like this were references. I wanted references, lots and lots of references. To tell this fight from the perspective two or three soldiers would have been absolutely insane for me to undertake. So to help get started, I looked at the stories from across history. There were stories and accounts from soldiers in Vietnam, World War Two, World War One, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, you know, all these events I used as sort of a guide and outline to this fight. Hell, I even referenced the events of the Wacko siege as part of the build up to this fight.

—Shortly after the Mos Eisley Siege began, rebel forces as well as small bands of armed local civilians managed to shoot down three D77-TC Pelicans. The resulting conflict emerging became an operation to rescue and reinforce any of the surviving the crew and passengers of the downed transports.

E3xBRWM by DarkSpartan1000

-Well we’ve got quite a few questions for this fight, mostly pertaining to content you did and didn’t include for this fight. Questions from fans as well as from myself, you know, just clarification stuff and all that stuff.

The fighting on the streets of the Mos Eisley raged on for almost fifteen days. The importance of the planet was due to the trade routes under the control of the notorious crime lord; Jabba the Hutt. With both factions fighting for favor and access to these trade routes, the ever increasing body count continued to rise with each passing day with neither side making any major progress. Reports of local scavengers looting the bodies of fallen soldiers were later confirmed.

-So right now, we have this war going on between these two armies… completely different forces when you look at them both. How do choose what battles to play out and which ones to cut?

—The Battle of Mos Eisley Space Port resulted in U.N.S.C. losses of 84 deaths, 56 wounded, and three Pelican survivors being taken prisoner. Total Rebel Alliance casualties range anywhere between 112 and 130 troops, with around 45 civilians dead as a result of crossfire. To this day, historians have yet to determine with side emerged victorious…

-Well the thing is that I’ve been working on this for months now and at this point, I am ready to move this along and be finished with it. All the while, covering what needs to be covered and exploring the relationships these two armies have with one another. So a lot of the ideas I originally set out to write won’t make into the final project. At least not the way I intended. So the fights that take place are the ones that, I feel, set the frame work for the overall war.

UNSC marines ambushed on the astroid planet, Kessel. Despite the overwhelming odds, the small task force of Flamethrower units; U.N.S.C. Hell-bringers including Alex Grant, Kyle Simmons, and Sargent Wilco Stevens, were quickly able to turn the tide of battle and force the Rebel Troopers to surrender. Considered a small U.N.S.C. victory, previously mentioned Hell-Bringers would be later commended for their bravery in the heat of battle. The Rebel Troopers were detained but were not harmed.

-Bruce you’re using air and spacecraft but I don’t recall you doing a prelude or analysis of those vehicles categories. What’s going on with that? Where you planning on omitting that part of the war because thats a lot of content to cut from a project like this. Especially considering the whole Star Wars part of this fight.

—U.N.S.C. sent a small team of scavengers and engineers to Raxus Prime. Tasked with finding some way of reverse engineering any parts of Hyperdrive technology to aid in their campaign in this new universe. Small factions of rebel sympathizers monitored their activity but never engaged the forces in combat. U.N.S.C. technicians were unable to reconstruct the Hyperdrive Technology.

-As I said, I’m doing this all by myself. I’ve tried outsourcing some of this fight to different writers, but nobody accepted the offer. So to do the prelude or analysis of this category would have taken me about another month to have put together and all written out. I say a month because there’s just so much content to cover and with college classes as well as my job, its very difficult to always find time to do stuff like this. It isn’t easy writing exposition.

—Rogue Squadron engaged U.N.S.C. ground forces on the bridge world of Cato Neimoidia, Fearing the risk of collateral damage, U.N.S.C. forces were refrained from retaliating against the Rebel Air Assault. Rebel Ground troops with the assistance of local militia detained the U.N.S.C. troops. Decisive Rebel Alliance Victory.

-And why would it have taken so long?

—Almost two years into the UNSC/Rebel Alliance conflict and the war has shown no sign of ending. In the Outer Rim Territories, U.N.S.C. forces stationed on the industrial planet of Fest were caught off guard by a joint assault from both Rebel Troops and the SECTOR FORCES that where organized on the planet. This was to become the longest, deadliest, and bloodiest fight in the entire war.

-Because there is so much to cover in that final category. You’ve got these massive space cruisers, countless variations star fighters, these bombers, anti-aircraft, anti-infantry, transports… theres a lot to analyze, summarize, and compare. Especially coming from Star Wars.

—Five days into the Siege of Fest, casualties have risen to over two thousand with a large percentage of the dead consisting of SECTOR FORCES units. Every attempt made by the UNSC forces at evacuating from the planet had been met with disaster. Unable to escape, the nearly seven hundred men and women of the UNSC Apex of Proclamation Cruiser were forced to hold off against nearly ten-thousand SECTOR FORCES.

-But in summary… right here, right now… which faction would have gotten the advantage in aircraft / spacecraft? And why did things turn out this way?

—After twelve weeks of constant conflict, the fighting on Fest finally ended when the combined onslaught to the SECTOR FORCES and Rebel Alliance finally overwhelmed the remaining UNSC forces. Despite being a tactical victory for the Rebel Alliance, the casualties suffered on their part far exceeded any predicted outcome with more that seven thousand soldiers dead and another thousand injured.

-Well, there is a lot to respond to in such a short frame of time, but in summary… better aircraft; U.N.S.C.. A lot better variety and this would allow for more options on their part. While they may not be as fast as the Rebellion’s air fleet, just looking at everything advantages that good ole military know-how can bring to any fight would certainly change the course of any battle. Whether its being able to repair units while on the field of combat, dropping troops behind enemy lines, or leveling entire forests, the U.N.S.C. has the aircraft designed to get the job done…

-I’m sensing a ‘but’ here.

—While inbound to aid in the defense of a Rebel outpost on Alaris Prime, a small contingency of Wookiee warriors went missing. Later investigations would determine that the U.N.S.C. were not responsible for this incident. Evidence indicates that the Wookiees where shot down by a Covenant anti-air cannon. No bodies were recovered from the debris of the transport.

-But… when looking at star fighters, this is where the Rebel Alliance shines. This is because the Rebels have a faster fleet that is capable of taking this fight from space to the atmosphere of almost any planet. The U.N.S.C. does have ships that could do this, but they don’t have the numbers of the Rebel Alliance. And to add to that point, the Rebel Alliance ships are a lot easier to deploy for battle. Same can almost be said about their aircraft.

—A temporary ceasefire was issued between a small band of UNSC forces and Rebel Troops on the planet of Orion IV in honor of Remembrance Day. The Rebel Holiday was enacted by a small group of Rebels despite orders to attack a nearby UNSC outpost. The small garrison at the UNSC outpost agreed to a temporary ceasefire with the Rebels and both factions used the day to honor their fallen comrades.

-I can see how that would make a huge difference on the battlefield. Looking back at the first Halo game, I remember the Longsword at the of the game being quite a large craft and something that massive would make for an easier target. Final question, the lore and continuity of both Star Wars and Halo is always changing so there’s a lot of new additions to each franchise always coming out. Should anything major come out in the near future, would you change the outcome of this fight between both factions?

-In short, no. I say this because it really shouldn’t matter whether or not a new blaster was issued, or a new starship were unveiled. Whenever I do a match up, I stand by its outcome. A lot can happen in a one on one fight, but in this match up, I'm factoring thousands (if not millions) of soldiers, technologies, planets... a lot of stuff that could change the tide of battle. So this is where I turn to history or look for real world examples.

-I can assume that the UNSC would be the equivalent of the modern day armed forces. But what would the Rebels be based off of?

-Mostly guerrilla or any unconventional army. The first things that come to my mind: The Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Lord's Resistance Army, Khmer Rouge, The Viet Cong... not in a literal matter but in the way they operate. These aren't established armies but they are still formidable nonetheless.

-So with that all said, I’ll turn the microphone over to Bruce as he wraps up this segment.

-Thanks, we’ve seen the Rebel Alliance and U.N.S.C. square off multiple times throughout the galaxy and at this stage of war, the only way one side would obtain absolute victory is through the almost unconditional surrender of the other faction. After almost six years of conflict, the galaxy is ready for this crisis to be over. Both armies are exhausted after years of war and can see that the end is in sight. After combing through all intercepted Rebel data, U.N.S.C. High Command decided on one last assault. An attack to capture a high valued Rebel Target. 

Mustering whatever units and forces they can gather, the U.N.S.C. planned a massive invasion of the planet, Alderaan…

Alderaan-Hope by DarkSpartan1000

Stationed on the planet itself, a large band of Rebel Forces prepare to escort several of its most prominent leaders off the planet.

The U.N.S.C. cannot initiate an attack like this again. With their resources depleted and fleet scattered across the galaxy, this is an all or nothing fight. They won't get another chance at this and should they fail, they will have no 
choice but to surrender. In this fight, the U.N.S.C. will be on the offensive... 

To be concluded...


UNSC vs REBEL Alliance: The Fight (part 1)
This fight was so large in scale, I couldn't get fit it all into a single entry. So enjoy part one of the definitive war between Halo's UNSC and Star Wars' Rebel Alliance.
Old Man Logan vs Ben Kenobi

"Here is a fact: someday you will die. What will you do with this incredible gift that is your life? Do you want to get to the end of the road and wish you had strived more, accomplished more, and loved more? To do these things you will have to take chances, demonstrate courage, and commit in a way that allows you to be flexible but never allows you to quit on yourself."
Richard Machowicz couldn't have summarized these two combatants any better. Two warriors at the end of a long and grueling journey... upon their shoulders rests the fate of the next generation of heroes.

Mr. Game and Watch vs Felix the Cat
Death Battle has almost always selected some of the most colorful and detailed characters for a fight to the death. Well now, its time to get a little retro as we pair up two pioneers of the entertainment genre. Felix the Cat vs Mr. Game & Watch
Rebel Alliance vs UNSC by DarkSpartan1000

"A military vehicle is a type of vehicle that includes all land combat and transportation vehicles, which are designed for or are significantly used by military forces. Many military vehicles have vehicle armour plate or off-road capabilities or both.A broad definition of the term may include naval vessels such as destroyers and military aircraft such as fighter jets & medevac helicopters. Under the Geneva Conventions, all non-combatant military vehicles such as field ambulances and mobile first aid stations must be properly and clearly marked as such. In theory under the conventions, such vehicles are then legally immune from deliberate attack by all combatants."

One of the most essential components for either of these armies is its utilization of vehicles. Whether for reconnaissance, assault, transport, or destruction, any vehicle can provide its army with a much needed advantage in battle. For this category, we are only looking at the vehicles used in planet-side combat, exploration, and mobilization. At the dawn of human civilization, this was the Chariot. Today, we are looking at ATVs, tanks, AFVs, carriers…

Vehicles have distinct tactical uses and advantages with some of them have powerful weapons with unlimited ammunition. Their firepower can be used to damage, destroy enemy forces, as well as shred placements. They can also be used to transport troops swiftly and safely. They can provide essential support in skirmishes. All sorts of ways to transport and reinforce your infantry units when they need it the most. Some of these vehicles are tasked with a certain purpose which we will also test. 

Ground vehicles by DarkSpartan1000

   We will also look at these vehicles’ ability to withstand the elements and environments of different worlds. Much like we looked at the infantry, it is critical that these vehicles are able to adapt to any given terrain. There is a lot of content to go over and while we will acknowledge all of it, we don't have that much time to review all of it.

We’re going to start with both armies’ the light vehicles.

Light vehicles are usually used to travel for short distances along with fighting infantry units. These are agile and are usually equipped with small weaponry types. They usually carry up to four passengers. Some have light weaponry and armor which means they can be vulnerable to heavy weaponry, or leave the passengers and driver badly exposed to small arms fire. The primary purposes for these vehicles are reconnaissance, scouting, and harassing the enemy. Though speed is an asset for all these vehicles, we will assess their combat abilities against a hostile target.

When both armies deploy their scouts, which one is better in the field? To find out, we set up the same scenario on multiple terrains to recreate the geography of different habitable planets that both armies could fight on such as Earth, Tattooine, Hoth, Dagobah, Mustafar, Kashyyyk, Sanghelios, Raxus Prime, or Felucia. The purpose of this is to understand what limits these vehicles have. If a scout spots any sign of trouble, it is imperative that he let command know. And if they can't send that message by radio, they need to have a vehicle that can get them back to base fast enough to warn his forces.

74-z by DarkSpartan1000  Mongoose by DarkSpartan1000 GunGoose by DarkSpartan1000

So of these options, which vehicle would is better in speed, safety, and mobility

The Rebel’s 74-Z speeder bike or the UNSC Mongoose (and/or GunGoose)?

In first waves of tests, the speeder bike excelled in all areas on almost all terrains until a crucial factor was brought up. Without the HUD supplied exclusively to the Empire, the Speeder Bike would became a practical death trap for the average rebel soldier on almost every planet.

-on average, the human reaction response time is about 0.25 second. The 74-Z speeder bike travels up 500 km/h or roughly 138.889 km/s. In other words... in just a single second, your speeder bike has traveled the length of a football stadium.-


What I like about the speeder bike is that it has more functions than the Mongoose. They have sensors, communications devices and even comlink-jamming device. Its equipped with a rotating blaster cannon. It functions better than the Mongoose in my opinion. Against the GunGoose, its fast enough to evade its weapons.


"But would you trust your life with it?"


"On a flat plain without any obstacles, yes. In a forest or a canyon, it just feels more like a death trap to me than anything. Traveling speeds of up to 500 km/h is dangerous in of itself. If the driver were to be distracted for fraction of a second… boom. Personally speaking, I just wouldn’t get on either of these unless I had to. But, if I had to choose a vehicle that I felt was best for any environment, I'd have to pick the Mongoose or Gungoose. Sure I'm more likely to flip my vehicle and it is exponentially slower than the Speeder Bike."

"I agree. In a question of safety 
versus speed, I rather go with the option that has a greater chance of me completing my mission. Plus, its more mobile and if I can fit my ride inside of building, there'd be no getting past me. "

Medium vehicles are a midway point between the recon prowess and agility of the light vehicles and the hard hitting power of heavy vehicles, without matching tanks in fire power. Medium vehicles will usually take more damage before destruction, and will provide better defense for the driver and passengers... usually anyway. They are usually larger than light vehicles, and will often carry heavy support weaponry.  Quick to deploy, these units are usually the vehicles that are the first to engage the enemy and hold down the fort until the slower, more powerful units arrive.

M12a1 by DarkSpartan1000  M12r by DarkSpartan1000  M12g1 by DarkSpartan1000  Lrv by DarkSpartan1000  Troop Transport by DarkSpartan1000

   Rebercombatspeeder by DarkSpartan1000  Tx-130 by DarkSpartan1000  Aac-1 by DarkSpartan1000  Ulva by DarkSpartan1000

When the enemy's presence has been alerted and troops start mobilizing, an army will need a fast response unit. Something fast yet deadly and would be able meet the opposition head on if necessary. Which army would bring better variety and destructive potential in its fleet of ground vehicles?  Between the researchers, the choice was clear.

It really isn't a contest in the area. Better armor, Rebel Alliance. Better weapons, Rebel Alliance. Everything in this fleet is designed to destroy whatever is in its path.

I have to admit that the Rebels are bring a better degree of firepower and armor in this area of vehicle combat. Plus, the Rebel ground fleet in this case is a lot faster than the UNSC warthog lineup.

What do I like about the Rebel vehicles in the match up? They have armor and the have a greater verity of weapons. What does the UNSC lack in this instance? Armor and a verity of weapons. Sure each Warthog is excellent against infantry, but when we switch target stop say aircraft or heavy armored vehicles, then they will start facing a problem. And with how little armor the Warthogs have, the best option for them in a fight is remain on the move. But I will give the Warthogs this advantage and thats its superior in terms of mobility which can be a challenge to Rebel Vehicles. But for now, Medium Vehicles... Rebels.

Heavy vehicles are designed to smash foes to pieces and crush the enemy beneath their treads. They usually feature powerful weapons and heavy armor for destroying enemy vehicles and protecting themselves from retribution. They are often slow and are often restricted by terrain. What we would call... a tank

Scorpion by DarkSpartan1000  Grizzly by DarkSpartan1000  T4-b by DarkSpartan1000  t3-B by DarkSpartan1000

Designed for front-line combat tanks are an armored fighting vehicles, with an abundance firepower, impeccable armor, and usually some form of treads to provides good battlefield maneuverability. The first tanks were designed to overcome the deadlock of trench warfare. Today, we see tanks as the powerhouse of any army's ground forces. 

"Modern tanks are versatile mobile land weapon system platforms, mounting a large-calibre cannon in a rotating gun turret, supplemented by mounted machine guns or other weapons. They combine this with heavy vehicle armour which provides protection for the crew, the vehicle's weapons, and its propulsion systems, and operational mobility, due to its use of tracks rather than wheels, which allows the tank to move over rugged terrain and be positioned on the battlefield in advantageous locations. These features enable the tank to perform well in a tactical situation: the combination of powerful weapons fire from their tank gun, and their ability to survive enemy fire means the tank can engage the enemy even under fire. In both offensive and defensive roles, they are powerful units that are capable of performing tasks which are required of armoured units on the battlefield. The modern tank was the result of a century of development from the first primitive armoured vehicles, due to improvements in technology such as the internal combustion engine, which allowed the rapid movement of heavy armoured vehicles. As a result of these advances, tanks underwent tremendous shifts in capability in the years since their first appearance."

We were torn between these two choices but at this point we also noticed a pattern in both armies' ground fleet. What ever the Rebel Alliance brought in its fleet, would have a definite advantage in overall speed, armor, and fire power where as the UNSC would have the edge in adaptability and mobility. 

So we decided to follow these patterns and just assign the over all point in ground vehicles. To just look at both armies' ground fleet as a whole and from there, we'd come to some form of conclusion.

When doing this category, we knew this would be a huge challenge for us. Something that we, quite frankly, weren't looking forward to at all. We had a lot on our plate and we were without any outside help. Mostly this came from Star Wars and its uncertain canon but we did have a few things from Halo. We could have included a lot more content but we chose these vehicles because we have either: Seen them in film. Used them in a game. Or found enough reference on them to give an accurate depiction of their function and usage on a battlefield. If something appeared only in the form of, say... a toy but hasn't made any other appearance, we omitted that from this list.

We also omitted vehicles and content that were used by a faction but only once. If it isn't a part of its fleet and was more of a one time only vehicle, it wasn't included in this fight. If we can't get an idea of how these vehicles were used, we will not include them.

Having said all of that, in deciding who had the better fleet of vehicles, we had a lot to consider. We had to factor in armor, speed, how well these performed on different terrains and environments. As we previously stated, the Rebel Alliance has the advantage in firepower, armor, and speed while the UNSC has versatility as well as mobility. So which army gets the point?

"Sure, the UNSC has a wider variety of vehicles... but look at them. One or two well placed shots will render them useless. Their armor can't surmount to anything the Alliance has. A lot of the Rebel ground fleet had been proven effective on the battlefield in the CLONE WARS and is still being used because of which. Stuff like the AT-AP, AT-RT, TX-Tank, and the Hailfire Droid have helped change the course of battle in   It doesn't really matter whether you look at the canon sources of the non-canon sources, the Rebel Alliance is just going to win in this field."

"As much as I hate to admit it, the Rebel Alliance does bring a greater ground fleet to this battle. While I have a lot of respect for the UNSC and its forces, they are outmatched in some of the most important factors in this fight. Don't get me wrong, the UNSC can hit hard, but the Rebels can hit harder and can tank more of what the UNSC can throw. I won't say that this will be an easy fight for the Rebels, because it won't. Lots of casualties on both sides and I can imagine more of them occurring on the Rebel's side, but I feel like they may be able to wear the UNSC down much like the Vietcong did the US military in Vietnam."

However, Bruce disagrees with his two counter-parts.

    "I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that my personal edge would go in favor of the UNSC. I just can loose sight of the importance that terrain and mobility plays in this fight. If I'm going into combat, I want to know that I can rely on something that will get my ass out of harm's way. Something like the Elephant or the Mammoth can definitely withstand whatever the Rebels may throw at them.
    Also, there is a greater verity in the UNSC's weapons, making them ideal for picking off other vehicles and even aircraft. Sure some vehicles I wouldn't want to take into battle. Something like the Mantis, the Jackrabbit, or the Gremlin may seem more like a liability as opposed to any actual threat on the front line. But I feel that the UNSC brings a ground force that is comparable to the Rebel's. Is that how it will play out? Who, knows. So for now, the advantage for ground forces goes to the Rebel Alliance."



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